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CVPM19 * *Computer Vision for Physiological Measurement
* A-MAL: Automatic Motion Assessment Learning from Properly Performed Motions in 3D Skeleton Videos
* Architectural Tricks for Deep Learning in Remote Photoplethysmography
* Camera-Based On-Line Short Cessation of Breathing Detection
* Clinical Scene Segmentation with Tiny Datasets
* Combating the Impact of Video Compression on Non-Contact Vital Sign Measurement Using Supervised Learning
* Contact-Free Monitoring of Physiological Parameters in People With Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities
* Dynamic Facial Models for Video-Based Dimensional Affect Estimation
* Efficient Real-Time Camera Based Estimation of Heart Rate and Its Variability
* Impact of Sympathetic Activation in Imaging Photoplethysmography
* Micro Expression Classification using Facial Color and Deep Learning Methods
* Modeling on the Feasibility of Camera-Based Blood Glucose Measurement
* Multimodal Deep Models for Predicting Affective Responses Evoked by Movies
* On the Vector Space in Photoplethysmography Imaging
* Performance Evaluation of Visual Object Detection and Tracking Algorithms Used in Remote Photoplethysmography
* Predicting Heart Rate Variations of Deepfake Videos using Neural ODE
* Single-Image Facial Expression Recognition Using Deep 3D Re-Centralization
* Thermal Camera Based Continuous Body Temperature Measurement System, A
* Who Goes There? Exploiting Silhouettes and Wearable Signals for Subject Identification in Multi-Person Environments
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CVPM20 * *Computer Vision for Physiological Measurement
* 1st Challenge on Remote Physiological Signal Sensing (RePSS), The
* Analysis of Pulse Transit Time Derived from Imaging Photoplethysmography and Microwave Sensor-based Ballistocardiography
* Assessment of Algorithms to Estimate Respiratory Rate from the Remote Photoplethysmogram, An
* Automated Depth Video Monitoring For Fall Reduction: A Case Study
* Continuous estimation of emotional change using multimodal affective responses
* Convulsive Movement Detection using Low-Resolution Thermopile Sensor Array
* Detecting Deepfake Videos using Attribution-Based Confidence Metric
* Enhancing Remote-PPG Pulse Extraction in Disturbance Scenarios Utilizing Spectral Characteristics
* HeartTrack: Convolutional neural network for remote video-based heart rate monitoring
* In Search of Life: Learning from Synthetic Data to Detect Vital Signs in Videos
* Long Short-Term Memory Deep-Filter in Remote Photoplethysmography
* Meta-Analysis of the Impact of Skin Type and Gender on Non-contact Photoplethysmography Measurements, A
* Neurodata Lab's approach to the Challenge on Computer Vision for Physiological Measurement
* On indirect assessment of heart rate in video
* Photoplethysmography based stratification of blood pressure using multi information fusion artificial neural network
* Predicting Brainwaves from Face Videos
* Predicting Fall Probability Based on a Validated Balance Scale
* Remote Estimation of Heart Rate Based on Multi-Scale Facial ROIs
* Remote Photoplethysmography: Rarely Considered Factors
* Skin Segmentation using Active Contours and Gaussian Mixture Models for Heart Rate Detection in Videos
* Stress Estimation Using Multimodal Biosignal Information from RGB Facial Video
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CVPM21 * *Computer Vision for Physiological Measurement
* Assessment of deep learning based blood pressure prediction from PPG and rPPG signals
* Combining Magnification and Measurement for Non-Contact Cardiac Monitoring
* Improving Accuracy of Respiratory Rate Estimation by Restoring High Resolution Features with Transformers and Recursive Convolutional Models
* Infrared Thermography Model Enabling Remote Body Temperature Screening Up to 10 Meters, An
* LSTM-Based Realtime Signal Quality Assessment for Photoplethysmogram and Remote Photoplethysmogram, A
* Markerless camera-based vertical jump height measurement using OpenPose
* Nose breathing or mouth breathingâ A thermography-based new measurement for sleep monitoring
* Oxygen Saturation Estimation Based on Optimal Band Selection from Multi-band Video
* Towards Automated and Marker-less Parkinson Disease Assessment: Predicting UPDRS Scores using Sit-stand videos
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CVPM22 * *Computer Vision for Physiological Measurement
* Contactless Blood Pressure Measurement via Remote Photoplethysmography with Synthetic Data Generation Using Generative Adversarial Network
* Deep Learning Classifier for Advancing Video Monitoring of Atrial Fibrillation
* Efficient Remote Photoplethysmography with Temporal Derivative Modules and Time-Shift Invariant Loss
* Federated Remote Physiological Measurement with Imperfect Data
* Gated Recurrent Unit-Based RNN for Remote Photoplethysmography Signal Segmentation
* Human Stools Classification for Gastrointestinal Health based on an Improved ResNet18 Model with Dual Attention Mechanism
* Multimodal Transformer for Nursing Activity Recognition
* Optimising rPPG Signal Extraction by Exploiting Facial Surface Orientation
* Perfusion assessment via local remote photoplethysmography (rPPG)
* Predicting Mind-Wandering with Facial Videos in Online Lectures
* Pruning rPPG Networks: Toward Small Dense Network with Limited Number of Training Samples
* Regression or Classification? Reflection on BP prediction from PPG data using Deep Neural Networks in the scope of practical applications
* Remote Estimation of Continuous Blood Pressure by a Convolutional Neural Network Trained on Spatial Patterns of Facial Pulse Waves
* Remote Heart Rate Estimation by Signal Quality Attention Network
* Remote Pulse Estimation in the Presence of Face Masks
* RTrPPG: An Ultra Light 3DCNN for Real-Time Remote Photoplethysmography
* Should I take a walk? Estimating Energy Expenditure from Video Data
* Strain Detection based on Breath and Motion Features Obtained by a Force Sensor for Smart Toilet Systems
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