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CVLBP12 * *International Workshop on Computer Vision with Local Binary Pattern Variants
* 3D LBP-Based Rotationally Invariant Region Description
* Adaptive Kernel Size Selection for Correntropy Based Metric
* Background Subtraction Based on Multi-channel SILTP
* Block LBP Displacement Based Local Matching Approach for Human Face Recognition
* Dynamic Texture Synthesis in Space with a Spatio-temporal Descriptor
* Efficient LBP-Based Descriptor for Facial Depth Images Applied to Gender Recognition Using RGB-D Face Data, An
* Elliptical Local Binary Patterns for Face Recognition
* Face Recognition with Learned Local Curvelet Patterns and 2-Directional L1-Norm Based 2DPCA
* Face Spoofing Detection Using Dynamic Texture
* LBP-TOP Based Countermeasure against Face Spoofing Attacks
* Noise Resistant Gradient Calculation and Edge Detection Using Local Binary Patterns
* Rotation Invariant Co-occurrence among Adjacent LBPs
* Vitality Assessment of Boar Sperm Using an Adaptive LBP Based on Oriented Deviation
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CVLBP14 * *International Workshop on Computer Vision with Local Binary Pattern Variants
* Analysis of Sampling Techniques for Learning Binarized Statistical Image Features Using Fixations and Salience
* Facial Expression Analysis Based on High Dimensional Binary Features
* Fast Features Invariant to Rotation and Scale of Texture
* Gait-Based Person Identification Using Motion Interchange Patterns
* Impact of Topology-Related Attributes from Local Binary Patterns on Texture Classification
* Local Binary Patterns to Evaluate Trabecular Bone Structure from Micro-CT Data: Application to Studies of Human Osteoarthritis
* Micro-Facial Movements: An Investigation on Spatio-Temporal Descriptors
* On the Effects of Illumination Normalization with LBP-Based Watchlist Screening
* Some Faces are More Equal than Others: Hierarchical Organization for Accurate and Efficient Large-Scale Identity-Based Face Retrieval
* Weight-Optimal Local Binary Patterns
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