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CVGPU08 * *Computer Vision on GPU
* Canny edge detection on NVIDIA CUDA
* CUDA cuts: Fast graph cuts on the GPU
* Efficient scan-window based object detection using GPGPU
* Efficient visual hull computation for real-time 3D reconstruction using CUDA
* Fast and exact solution of Total Variation models on the GPU
* Fast gain-adaptive KLT tracking on the GPU
* Fast k nearest neighbor search using GPU
* Fast scale invariant feature detection and matching on programmable graphics hardware
* GPU-based implementation of motion detection from a moving platform, A
* Hardware-based camera calibration and 3D modelling under circular motion
* Implementation of Advanced Encryption Standard for encryption and decryption of images and text on a GPU
* Mutual information computation and maximization using GPU
* Particle filtering with rendered models: A two pass approach to multi-object 3D tracking with the GPU
* Realtime phase-based optical flow on the GPU
* Stereo depth with a Unified Architecture GPU
* Visual cortex on the GPU: Biologically inspired classifier and feature descriptor for rapid recognition
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CVGPU11 * *Computer Vision on GPU
* Accelerating multi-scale flows for LDDKBM diffeomorphic registration
* GPU & CPU cooperative accelerated pedestrian and vehicle detection
* GPU-assisted personal video organizing system, A
* Learning a dictionary of deformable patches using GPUs
* Long term video segmentation through pixel level spectral clustering on GPUs
* On building an accurate stereo matching system on graphics hardware
* Rapid weak-perspective Structure from Motion with missing data
* Real-time GPU-based face detection in HD video sequences
* Real-time semi-global matching disparity estimation on the GPU
* Variational Depth from Defocus in real-time
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