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CAIHA20 * *Computational and Affective Intelligence in Healthcare Applications for Vulnerable Populations
* Classification of Autism Spectrum Disorder Across Age Using Questionnaire and Demographic Information
* Covid-19 and Mental Health/substance Use Disorders on Reddit: A Longitudinal Study
* Longitudinal Classification of Mental Effort Using Electrodermal Activity, Heart Rate, and Skin Temperature Data from a Wearable Sensor
* Multi-stream Integrated Neural Networks for Facial Expression-based Pain Recognition
* Neonatal Pain Scales and Human Visual Perception: An Exploratory Analysis Based on Facial Expression Recognition and Eye-tracking
* New Facial Expression Processing System for an Affectively Aware Robot, A
* Pain Intensity Assessment in Sickle Cell Disease Patients Using Vital Signs During Hospital Visits
* Towards Robust Deep Neural Networks for Affect and Depression Recognition from Speech
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