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CADK20 * *Computational Aspects of Deep Learning

CADK22 * *Computational Aspects of Deep Learning
* Augmenting Legacy Networks for Flexible Inference
* Bitat: Neural Network Binarization with Task-dependent Aggregated Transformation
* Continual Inference: A Library for Efficient Online Inference with Deep Neural Networks in Pytorch
* Deep Neural Network Compression for Image Inpainting
* Edgenext: Efficiently Amalgamated CNN-transformer Architecture for Mobile Vision Applications
* Hydra Attention: Efficient Attention with Many Heads
* Power Awareness in Low Precision Neural Networks
* QFT: Post-training Quantization via Fast Joint Finetuning of All Degrees of Freedom
* Searching for N:m Fine-grained Sparsity of Weights and Activations in Neural Networks
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