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Bell System Tech.(13) * Theory of Scanning and its Relation to the Characteristics of the Transmitted Signal in Telephotography and Television, A

Bell System Tech.(19) * Subjective Sharpness of Television Images, The

Bell System Tech.(27) * Mathematical Theory of Communications, A

Bell System Tech.(29) * Error Detecting and Error Correcting Codes

Bell System Tech.(30) * Television by Pulse Code Modulation

Bell System Tech.(31) * Efficient Coding
* Statistics of Television Signals

Bell System Tech.(38) * Method of Coding TV Signals Based on Edge Detection, A
* Variable-Length Binary Encodings

Bell System Tech.(39) * Binocular Depth Perception of Computer-Generated Patterns

Bell System Tech.(40) * Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions, Fourier Analysis and Uncertainity II

Bell System Tech.(41) * Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions, Fourier Analysis and Uncertainity III: The Dimension of the Space of Essentially Time and Bandlimited Signals

Bell System Tech.(45) * Predictive Qyuantizing Systems (Differential Pulse Code Modulation) for the Transmission of Television Signals

Bell System Tech.(46) * Low-Resolution TV: Subjective Comparison of Interlaced and Noninterlaced Pictures
* Low-Resolution TV: Subjective Effects of Frame Repetition and Picture Replenishment
* Restoration of Photographs Blurred by Image Motion

Bell System Tech.(48) * Companded One-Bit Coder for Television Transmission, A
* Sliding-Scale Direct-Feedback PCM Coder for Television, A
* Video Encoding System Using Conditional Picture-Element Replenishment, A

Bell System Tech.(49) * Charge Coupled Semiconductor Devices
* Experimental Verification of the Charge Coupled Device Concept

Bell System Tech.(50) * Digital Encoding of Video Signal
* Exchange of Spatial and Temporal Resolution in Television Coding
* Simple Interframe Coder for Video Telephony, A
* Television Coding Using Two-Dimensional Spatial Prediction
* Transmitting Television As Clusters of Frame-to-Frame Differences

Bell System Tech.(51) * Man-Machine Interaction in Human Face Identification

Bell System Tech.(56) * Information in the Zero Crossings of Bandpass Signals

Bell System Tech.(58) * Motion-Compensated Television Coding: Part 1
* Transform Domain Motion Estimation

Bell System Tech.(59) * Motion-Compensated Television Coding: Some new Results

Bell System Tech.(61) * Improved Reconstruction of DPCM-Coded Pictures

Bell System Tech.(62) * Textons, The Fundamental Elements in Preattentive Vision and Perception of Textures

Bell System Tech.(63) * Conditional Variable-Length Coding for Gray-Level Pictures

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