Journals starting with alve

Alvey86 * *Alvey Conference
* SMS: A Suggestive Modeling System for Object Recognition

Alvey87 * *Alvey Conference
* 3D positional integration from image sequences
* Finding Corners
* Matching Features from Edge-Processed Image Sequences
* Modeling Second-Order Volumetric Features
* Representing Space for Practical Reasoning

Alvey88 * *Alvey Conference
* Combined Corner and Edge Detector, A
* Detection of Circular Arcs in Images
* Feature extraction for vision-guided road vehicles
* Road edge extraction using a plan-view image transformation
* Road edge tracking for robot road following

Alvey89 * *Alvey Conference
* Real-time 3D object tracking
* Spectre: An Improved Phantom Edge Finder

Alvey92 * Analogical Representation of Space and Time

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