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AIU96 * *Advances in Image Understanding: A Festschrift for Azriel Rosenfeld
* Boundary Encoding Revisited
* Comparative Study of Three Paradigms for Object Recognition: Bayesian Statistics, Neural Networks, and Expert Systems, A
* Computer Vision and Information Retrieval
* Descriptive and Prescriptive Languages for Mobility Tasks: Are They Different?
* Feature Selection for Texture Segmentation
* Finding and Describing Objects in Complex Images
* Image Segmentation Using Clustering
* Improving the Vision of Magic Eyes: A Guide to Better Autostereograms
* Metamerism in Complete Sets of Image Operators
* Multiresolution GMRF Models for Image Segmentation
* Networks that Learn for Image Understanding
* Object Recognition Research: Matched Filtering Becomes Bayesian Reasoning
* Object-Based and Image-Based Representations of Objects by Their Interiors
* Optimal Edge Detection in Images
* Perceptual Intelligence
* Propagating Covariance in Computer Vision
* Shape Recovery from Stationary Surface Contours by Controlled Observer Motion
* Structural Scales in Computational Vision
* Texture Segregation in Chromatic Element-Arrangement Patterns
* Towards 3-D Model-Based Tracking of Humans in Action
* Transform for Multiscale Image Segmentation, A
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