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Action12 * *Workshop on Action Recognition and Pose Estimation in Still Images
* Collective Activity Localization with Contextual Spatial Pyramid
* On Recognizing Actions in Still Images via Multiple Features
* Viewpoint Invariant Collective Activity Recognition with Relative Action Context

ActionCh17 * *Open Domain Action Recognition Challenge
* Deep Local Video Feature for Action Recognition
* Fast Simplex-HMM for One-Shot Learning Activity Recognition
* Hand-Object Interaction Detection with Fully Convolutional Networks
* Object State Recognition for Automatic AR-Based Maintenance Guidance
* Video Action Recognition Based on Deeper Convolution Networks with Pair-Wise Frame Motion Concatenation
* When Kernel Methods Meet Feature Learning: Log-Covariance Network for Action Recognition From Skeletal Data
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ActionSim13 * *Action Similarity in Unconstrained Videos
* Critical Review of Action Recognition Benchmarks, A
* Evaluating New Variants of Motion Interchange Patterns
* Formulating Action Recognition as a Ranking Problem
* Spatio-temporal Saliency for Action Similarity

Active Robot Vision * *Active Robot Vision
* SAVIC: A Simulation, Visualization, and Interactive Control Environment for Mobile Robots

Active * *Active Vision
* Expectation-Based Dynamic Scene Understanding
* Parallel 3D Vision System, A
* Real-Time Smooth Pursuit Tracking
* Tracking with Kalman Snakes
* Tracking With Rigid Objects

Activity22 * *Human Activity Detection in Multi-Camera, Continuous, Long-Duration Video
* Actor-Centric Tubelets for Real-Time Activity Detection in Extended Videos
* Argus++: Robust Real-time Activity Detection for Unconstrained Video Streams with Overlapping Cube Proposals
* From Leaderboard To Operations: DIVA Transition Experiences
* GabriellaV2: Towards better generalization in surveillance videos for Action Detection
* Modelling Ambiguous Assignments for Multi-Person Tracking in Crowds
* PP-HumanSeg: Connectivity-Aware Portrait Segmentation with a Large-Scale Teleconferencing Video Dataset
* Sign Pose-based Transformer for Word-level Sign Language Recognition
* TRM: Temporal Relocation Module for Video Recognition
* Video action re-localization using spatio-temporal correlation
* Win-Fail Action Recognition
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