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Fejes, S. Standard Author Listing
     with: Davis, L.S.: Detection of Independent Motion Using Directional Motion ...
     with: Davis, L.S.: Direction-Selective Filters for Egomotion Estimation
     with: Davis, L.S.: Exploring Visual Motion Using Projections of Motion Fields
     with: Davis, L.S.: What Can Projections of Flow Fields Tell Us About Visual ...
     with: Rosenfeld, A.: Discrete Active Models and Applications
     with: Rosenfeld, A.: Migration Processes
     with: Rosenfeld, A.: Migration Processes I: the Continuous Case
     with: Rosenfeld, A.: Migration Processes II: the Discrete Case
     with: Vajda, F.: data-driven algorithm and systolic architecture for image m...
     with: Vajda, F.: Simplified adaptive approach to efficient morphological ima...
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