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Zribi, A.[Amin] Co Author Listing * Soft decoding algorithms for optimized JPEG 2000 wireless transmission over realistic MIMO-OFDM systems
* Ultra wide band audio visual PHY IEEE 802.15.3c for SPIHT-compressed image transmission
Includes: Zribi, A.[Amin] Zribi, A.

Zribi, M.[Mehrez] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Agronomic Drought in a Highly Anthropogenic Context Based on Satellite Monitoring of Vegetation and Soil Moisture
* Analysis of GEDI Elevation Data Accuracy for Inland Waterbodies Altimetry
* Analysis of L-Band SAR Data for Soil Moisture Estimations over Agricultural Areas in the Tropics
* Analysis of Maize Sowing Periods and Cycle Phases Using Sentinel 1&2 Data Synergy
* Analysis of Retrackers' Performances and Water Level Retrieval over the Ebro River Basin Using Sentinel-3
* Analysis of Sentinel-1 Radiometric Stability and Quality for Land Surface Applications
* Analysis of Surface Roughness Heterogeneity and Scattering Behavior for Radar Measurements
* Analysis of the Effects of Drought on Vegetation Cover in a Mediterranean Region through the Use of SPOT-VGT and TERRA-MODIS Long Time Series
* Calibration of the Water Cloud Model at C-Band for Winter Crop Fields and Grasslands
* Cereal Crops Soil Parameters Retrieval Using L-Band ALOS-2 and C-Band Sentinel-1 Sensors
* Comparative Analysis of the Sensitivity of SAR Data in C and L Bands for the Detection of Irrigation Events
* Description of three-dimensional gray-level objects by the harmonic analysis approach
* Desert Roughness Retrieval Using CYGNSS GNSS-R Data
* Detection of Frozen Soil Using Sentinel-1 SAR Data
* Editorial for the Special Issue Soil Moisture Retrieval using Radar Remote Sensing Sensors
* Evaluation of Backscattering Models and Support Vector Machine for the Retrieval of Bare Soil Moisture from Sentinel-1 Data
* Evaluation of SMOS, SMAP, ASCAT and Sentinel-1 Soil Moisture Products at Sites in Southwestern France
* FAO-56 Dual Model Combined with Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing for Regional Evapotranspiration Estimations
* First Vegetation Optical Depth Mapping from Sentinel-1 C-band SAR Data over Crop Fields
* Hybrid Methodology Using Sentinel-1/Sentinel-2 for Soil Moisture Estimation
* Integration of L-Band Derived Soil Roughness into a Bare Soil Moisture Retrieval Approach from C-Band SAR Data
* Irrigated Grassland Monitoring Using a Time Series of TerraSAR-X and COSMO-SkyMed X-Band SAR Data
* Irrigation Events Detection over Intensively Irrigated Grassland Plots Using Sentinel-1 Data
* Irrigation Mapping Using Sentinel-1 Time Series at Field Scale
* Irrigation Timing Retrieval at the Plot Scale Using Surface Soil Moisture Derived from Sentinel Time Series in Europe
* Mapping Irrigated Areas Using Sentinel-1 Time Series in Catalonia, Spain
* Mapping Paddy Rice Using Sentinel-1 SAR Time Series in Camargue, France
* MAPSM: A Spatio-Temporal Algorithm for Merging Soil Moisture from Active and Passive Microwave Remote Sensing
* Microwave remote sensing techniques for the analysis of land surface parameters
* Near Real-Time Freeze Detection over Agricultural Plots Using Sentinel-1 Data
* Near Real-Time Irrigation Detection at Plot Scale Using Sentinel-1 Data
* New Content-Based Image Retrieval System Using Deep Visual Features, A
* New Empirical Model for Radar Scattering from Bare Soil Surfaces, A
* Non-parametric and unsupervised Bayesian classification with Bootstrap sampling
* Numerical Backscattering Analysis for Rough Surfaces Including a Cloddy Structure
* Operational Framework for Mapping Irrigated Areas at Plot Scale Using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Data, An
* Penetration Analysis of SAR Signals in the C and L Bands for Wheat, Maize, and Grasslands
* Plot-Scale Irrigation Dates and Amount Detection Using Surface Soil Moisture Derived from Sentinel-1 SAR Data in the Optirrig Crop Model
* Potential Applications of GNSS-R Observations over Agricultural Areas: Results from the GLORI Airborne Campaign
* Potential for the Detection of Irrigation Events on Maize Plots Using Sentinel-1 Soil Moisture Products
* Potential of X-Band TerraSAR-X and COSMO-SkyMed SAR Data for the Assessment of Physical Soil Parameters
* potential use of high resolution X-band SAR moisture products for the calibration of a water balance model over bare agricultural soils (Tunisia), The
* Quality Control of CyGNSS Reflectivity for Robust Spatiotemporal Detection of Tropical Wetlands
* Retrieval and Multi-scale Validation of Soil Moisture from Multi-temporal SAR Data in a Semi-Arid Tropical Region
* Retrieval of Both Soil Moisture and Texture Using TerraSAR-X Images
* Review of Irrigation Information Retrievals from Space and Their Utility for Users, A
* Semi-Empirical Calibration of the Integral Equation Model for Co-Polarized L-Band Backscattering
* Set of Invariant Features for Three-Dimensional Gray Level Objects by Harmonic Analysis, A
* Soil Clay Content Mapping Using a Time Series of Landsat TM Data in Semi-Arid Lands
* Soil Moisture and Irrigation Mapping in A Semi-Arid Region, Based on the Synergetic Use of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Data
* Soil Moisture Retrieval in Bare Agricultural Areas Using Sentinel-1 Images
* Soil Texture Estimation Using Radar and Optical Data from Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2
* Synergic Use of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Images for Operational Soil Moisture Mapping at High Spatial Resolution over Agricultural Areas
* Terrain Slope Effect on Forest Height and Wood Volume Estimation from GEDI Data
* Unsupervised and Non-Parametric Bayesian Classifier, An
* unsupervised and non-parametric Bayesian Image segmentation, An
* Unsupervised Bayesian image segmentation using orthogonal series
Includes: Zribi, M.[Mehrez] Zribi, M. Zribi, M.[Mourad]
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