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Zhuralvlev, Y.I.[Yu I.] Co Author Listing * Mathematical Methods for Pattern Recognition: Logic, Optimization, Algebraic Approaches

Zhuravlev, J.I.[Jurey Ivanovich] Co Author Listing * Integer-valued problems of transforming the training tables in k-valued code in pattern recognition problems

Zhuravlev, Y.I.[Yuri I.] Co Author Listing * Logical Models of Images and Recognition Operators for Image Understanding Environment
* On the Development of an Algebra of Images and Image Analysis Algorithms
Includes: Zhuravlev, Y.I.[Yuri I.] Zhuravlev, Y.I.

Zhuravleva, T.[Tatiana] Co Author Listing * Simulation of Bidirectional Reflectance in Broken Clouds: From Individual Realization to Averaging over an Ensemble of Cloud Fields

Zhuravskaya, A. Co Author Listing * Method for Assessing The Symmetry of Objects On Digital Binary Images Based On Fourier Descriptor

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