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Zhelezniakov, A.[Artem] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Saimaa Ringed Seals for Identification Purposes

Zheleznyakov, D.[Dmitriy] Co Author Listing * Ontology-Based Visual Query Formulation: An Industry Experience

Zheltov, S. Co Author Listing * Face Pose Recognition Based on Monocular Digital Imagery and Stereo-Based Estimation of its Precision

Zheltov, S.U. Co Author Listing * Building Extraction at the State Research Institute of Aviation Systems (GosNIIAS)

Zheltov, S.Y.[Sergey Y.] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of a Complex Grid Structure Combining UAS Images and Deep Learning
* Change Detection Via Selective Guided Contrasting Filters
* Geometrical Correlation And Matching Of 2d Image Shapes
* Photogrammetric Model Based Method of Automatic Orientation of Space Cargo Ship Relative To The International Space Station
* Photogrammetric technique for teeth occlusion analysis in dentistry
* Photogrammetric Techniques for Analysis And Visualization of Changes In 2d And 3D Data: Plastic Surgery Application
* real-time photogrammetric algorithm for sensor and synthetic image fusion with application to aviation combined vision, A
* Shape-Based Image Matching Using Heat Kernels and Diffusion Maps
* Wire Structure Image-based 3d Reconstruction Aided By Deep Learning
Includes: Zheltov, S.Y.[Sergey Y.] Zheltov, S.Y.
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Zheludev, M. Co Author Listing * Two Linear Unmixing Algorithms to Recognize Targets Using Supervised Classification and Orthogonal Rotation in Airborne Hyperspectral Images

Zheludev, V.[Valery] Co Author Listing * Block Based Deconvolution Algorithm Using Spline Wavelet Packets
* Image inpainting using directional wavelet packets originating from polynomial splines

Zheludev, V.A. Co Author Listing * New Family of Spline-Based Biorthogonal Wavelet Transforms and Their Application to Image Compression, A
* Spline and Spline Wavelet Methods with Applications to Signal and Image Processing
Includes: Zheludev, V.A. Zheludev, V.A.[Valery A.]

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