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Zemmar, A.[Ajmal] Co Author Listing * Magnetically Actuated Medical Robots: An in vivo Perspective

Zemmari, A.[Akka] Co Author Listing * Detection of Risky Situations for Frail Adults With Hybrid Neural Networks on Multimodal Health Data
* Explaining 3D CNNs for Alzheimer's Disease Classification on sMRI Images with Multiple ROIs
* Features Understanding in 3D CNNs for Actions Recognition in Video
* Hierarchical Classification System for the Detection of Covid-19 from Chest X-Ray Images, A
* I Saw: A Self-Attention Weighted Method for Explanation of Visual Transformers
* Increasing Training Stability for Deep CNNS
* Pooling Transformer for Detection of Risk Events in In-The-Wild Video Ego Data
Includes: Zemmari, A.[Akka] Zemmari, A.
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Zemmouri, A. Co Author Listing * Optimization of high-level design edge detect filter for video processing system on FPGA

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