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Zarchi, M.S.[Mohsen Sardari] Co Author Listing * survey on deep learning-based image forgery detection, A
* Understanding image concepts using ISTOP model
Includes: Zarchi, M.S.[Mohsen Sardari] Zarchi, M.S.

Zarco Tejada, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * Airborne Hyperspectral Images and Ground-Level Optical Sensors As Assessment Tools for Maize Nitrogen Fertilization
* Estimation of grain protein content in commercial bread and durum wheat fields via traits inverted by radiative transfer modelling from Sentinel-2 timeseries
Includes: Zarco Tejada, P.[Pablo] Zarco-Tejada, P.[Pablo] Zarco-Tejada, P.

Zarco Tejada, P.J.[Pablo J.] Co Author Listing * Airborne Thermal Imagery to Detect the Seasonal Evolution of Crop Water Status in Peach, Nectarine and Saturn Peach Orchards
* Assessment of crop traits retrieved from airborne hyperspectral and thermal remote sensing imagery to predict wheat grain protein content
* Deriving Predictive Relationships of Carotenoid Content at the Canopy Level in a Conifer Forest Using Hyperspectral Imagery and Model Simulation
* Detection of Xylella fastidiosa infection symptoms with airborne multispectral and thermal imagery: Assessing bandset reduction performance from hyperspectral analysis
* Discriminating Xylella fastidiosa from Verticillium dahliae infections in olive trees using thermal- and hyperspectral-based plant traits
* Early Detection and Quantification of Almond Red Leaf Blotch Using High-Resolution Hyperspectral and Thermal Imagery
* Early Detection and Quantification of Verticillium Wilt in Olive Using Hyperspectral and Thermal Imagery over Large Areas
* Effects of Heterogeneity within Tree Crowns on Airborne-Quantified SIF and the CWSI as Indicators of Water Stress in the Context of Precision Agriculture
* High-Resolution Airborne UAV Imagery to Assess Olive Tree Crown Parameters Using 3D Photo Reconstruction: Application in Breeding Trials
* Monitoring water stress and fruit quality in an orange orchard under regulated deficit irrigation using narrow-band structural and physiological remote sensing indices
* Multi-Temporal and Spectral Analysis of High-Resolution Hyperspectral Airborne Imagery for Precision Agriculture: Assessment of Wheat Grain Yield and Grain Protein Content
* Novel Methodology to Estimate Single-Tree Biophysical Parameters from 3D Digital Imagery Compared to Aerial Laser Scanner Data, A
* Quantitative Remote Sensing at Ultra-High Resolution with UAV Spectroscopy: A Review of Sensor Technology, Measurement Procedures, and Data Correction Workflows
* Remote sensing of vegetation from UAV platforms using lightweight multispectral and thermal imaging sensors
* Spatio-Temporal Relationships between Optical Information and Carbon Fluxes in a Mediterranean Tree-Grass Ecosystem
* Thermal and narrow-band multispectral remote sensing for vegetation monitoring from an unmanned aerial vehicle
* Understanding the temporal dimension of the red-edge spectral region for forest decline detection using high-resolution hyperspectral and Sentinel-2a imagery
* Unmanned Aerial System multispectral mapping for low and variable solar irradiance conditions: Potential of tensor decomposition
* Using High-Resolution Hyperspectral and Thermal Airborne Imagery to Assess Physiological Condition in the Context of Wheat Phenotyping
* Using hyperspectral plant traits linked to photosynthetic efficiency to assess N and P partition
Includes: Zarco Tejada, P.J.[Pablo J.] Zarco-Tejada, P.J.[Pablo J.] Zarco-Tejada, P.J.
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