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Zana, F. Co Author Listing * multimodal registration algorithm of eye fundus images using vessels detection and Hough transform, A
* Segmentation of vessel-like patterns using mathematical morphology and curvature evaluation
* Sensing Strategies Based on Manufacturing Knowledge
Includes: Zana, F. Zana, F.[Frederic]

Zana, Y.[Yossi] Co Author Listing * Face Verification in Polar Frequency Domain: A Biologically Motivated Approach
* Human and Machine Recognition of Fourier-Bessel Filtered Face Images
* Local approach for face verification in polar frequency domain

Zanaboni, A.M.[Anna Maria] Co Author Listing * Classification of Pottery Fragments Described by Concentration of Chemical Elements

Zanacchi, F.C. Co Author Listing * Super-Resolution 3D Reconstruction of Thick Biological Samples: A Computer Vision Perspective

Zanardi, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Multimodal interaction in collaborative virtual environments
* Mutual Learning of Unsupervised Interactions Between Mobile Robots
Includes: Zanardi, C.[Christian] Zanardi, C.

Zanardi, M.C.F.P.S.[Maria Cecilia F. P. S.] Co Author Listing * Extended H-inf Particle Filter for Attitude Estimation Applied to Remote Sensing Satellite CBERS-4, The
Includes: Zanardi, M.C.F.P.S.[Maria Cecilia F. P. S.] Zanardi, M.C.F.P.S.[Maria Cecília F. P. S.]

Zanatta, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Measurements and Modeling of Optical-Equivalent Snow Grain Sizes under Arctic Low-Sun Conditions

Zanaty, E.A. Co Author Listing * algorithm for mean pyramids vector quantization using Hadamard transform and tree structure, An
* On Cluster Validity Indexes in Fuzzy and Hard Clustering Algorithms for Image Segmentation

Zanazzi, E. Co Author Listing * Gis Analysis of The Seismic Damage On Historical Masonry Spires

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