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Zajdel, R. Co Author Listing * Impact of the Atmospheric Non-tidal Pressure Loading on Global Geodetic Parameters Based on Satellite Laser Ranging to GNSS
* New Online Service for the Validation of Multi-GNSS Orbits Using SLR, A
Includes: Zajdel, R. Zajdel, R.[Radoslaw]

Zajdel, T.J. Co Author Listing * Study of the Fourth-Order Small Perturbation Method for Scattering From Two-Layer Rough Surfaces, A

Zajdel, W. Co Author Listing * CASSANDRA: audio-video sensor fusion for aggression detection
* Distributed EM Learning for Appearance Based Multi-Camera Tracking
* Hybrid Graphical Model for Robust Feature Extraction from Video, A
* Online multicamera tracking with a switching state-space model
Includes: Zajdel, W. Zajdel, W.[Wojciech]

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