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Zahoor, B.[Babar] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Landscape Connectivity among the Habitats of Asian Elephants in Keonjhar Forest Division, India

Zahoor, M. Co Author Listing * Cross- View Gait Recognition Using Non-Linear View Transformations of Spatiotemporal Features

Zahouani, H.[Hassan] Co Author Listing * Reflectance spectra based skin and non-skin classification

Zahour, A. Co Author Listing * Arabic hand-written text-line extraction
* Can fractal dimension be used in font classification
* Classification of forms with handwritten fields by planar hidden Markov models
* Enhanced Text Extraction from Arabic Degraded Document Images Using EM Algorithm
* Fractal-based system for Arabic/Latin, printed/handwritten script identification
* Geometrical Method for Printed and Handwritten Berber Character Recognition, A
* New features using fractal multi-dimensions for generalized Arabic font recognition
* PRAAD: Preprocessing and Analysis Tool for Arabic Ancient Documents
* Text Line Segmentation of Historical Arabic Documents
* Text line segmentation of historical documents: a survey
* Unsupervised Block Covering Analysis for Text-Line Segmentation of Arabic Ancient Handwritten Document Images
Includes: Zahour, A. Zahour, A.[Abderrazak]
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