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Yvinec, E.[Edouard] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Deep Multi-Task Learning Using Semantically Orthogonal Spaces and Application to Facial Attributes Prediction
* DeeSCo: Deep heterogeneous ensemble with Stochastic Combinatory loss for gaze estimation
* RED++: Data-Free Pruning of Deep Neural Networks via Input Splitting and Output Merging
* RULe: Relocalization-Uniformization-Landmark Estimation Network for Real-Time Face Alignment in Degraded Conditions
* SPIQ: Data-Free Per-Channel Static Input Quantization
Includes: Yvinec, E.[Edouard] Yvinec, E.

Yvinec, M.[Mariette] Co Author Listing * Delaunay Triangulation Based Surface Reconstruction: A short survey
* From Segmented Images to Good Quality Meshes Using Delaunay Refinement
* Meshing Volumes Bounded by Smooth Surfaces
* On the Order Induced by a Set of Rays: Application to the Probing of Nonconvex Polygons
* Voronoi Diagram of Convex Objects in the Plane, The
Includes: Yvinec, M.[Mariette] Yvinec, M.

Yvinec, Y. Co Author Listing * Supervised feature-based classification of multi-channel SAR images

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