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Yitzhaki, Y. Co Author Listing * Geometric Hashing Techniques for Watermarking

Yitzhaky, Y.[Yitzhak] Co Author Listing * Automatic selection of edge detector parameters based on spatial and statistical measures
* Blind restoration of atmospherically degraded images by automatic best step-edge detection
* Blind restoration of space-variant Gaussian-like blurred images using regional PSFs
* Direct Method for Restoration of Motion Blurred Images
* Experimental Comparison of 3 Target Acquisition Models
* Identification of Blur Parameters from Motion Blurred Images
* Integral imaging for 3D object detection
* Machine Learning Approach to Design of Aperiodic, Clustered-Dot Halftone Screens via Direct Binary Search, A
* method for objective edge detection evaluation and detector parameter selection, A
* New Design For Color Screen Sets For High-End Digital Color Press
* New Design for Compact Color Screen Sets for High-End Digital Color Press
* No-reference assessment of blur and noise impacts on image quality
* Perceivable Light Fields: Matching the Requirements Between the Human Visual System and Autostereoscopic 3-D Displays
* Performance of visual search tasks from various types of contour information
* Restoration of Atmospherically Blurred Images According to Weather Predicted Atmospheric Modulation Transfer Functions
* Restoration of images degraded by mechanical vibrations
* Wideband enhancement of television images for people with visual impairments
Includes: Yitzhaky, Y.[Yitzhak] Yitzhaky, Y.
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