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Yadid Pecht, O.[Orly] Co Author Listing * FPGA implementation of a tone mapping algorithm with a halo-reducing filter, An
* Hardware Implementation of a Digital Watermarking System for Video Authentication
* Hardware-Driven Adaptive K-Means Clustering for Real-Time Video Imaging
* Modified high-order neural network for invariant pattern recognition
* modified Multi Scale Retinex algorithm with an improved global impression of brightness for wide dynamic range pictures, A
* Morton (Z) Scan Based Real-Time Variable Resolution CMOS Image Sensor
* Multi-Scale histogram tone mapping algorithm enables better object detection in wide dynamic range images
* New Filter for Reducing HALO Artifacts in Tone Mapped Images, A
* On the design of optimal 2D filters for efficient hardware implementations of image processing algorithms by using power-of-two terms
* Quaternion Structural Similarity: A New Quality Index for Color Images
* Recognition of Handwritten Musical Notes by a Modified Neocognitron
* Self-Stabilizing Colonic Capsule Endoscopy: Pilot Study of Acute Canine Models
* simple possibilistic clustering neural network, A
* Widening the dynamic range of pictures using a minimum spanning tree algorithm
Includes: Yadid Pecht, O.[Orly] Yadid-Pecht, O.[Orly] Yadid-Pecht, O.
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Yadikar, N.[Nurbiya] Co Author Listing * Script Identification of Central Asia Based on Fused Texture Features

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