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Wrede, B.[Britta] Co Author Listing * random center surround bottom up visual attention model useful for salient region detection, A
* saliency map based on sampling an image into random rectangular regions of interest, A
* Visual Saliency Map Based on Random Sub-window Means, A

Wrede, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * augmented reality human-computer interface for object localization in a cognitive vision system, An
* Building Modular Vision Systems with a Graphical Plugin Environment
* cognitive vision system for action recognition in office environments, A
* Coordinating interactive vision behaviors for cognitive assistance
* Integration and Coordination in a Cognitive Vision System
* Integration frameworks for large scale cognitive vision systems: An Evaluative Study
* Online Toolkit for Applications Featuring Collaborative Robots Across Different Domains, An
* Vision Systems with the Human in the Loop
* visual active memory perspective on integrated recognition systems, The
* XML based framework for cognitive vision architectures, An
Includes: Wrede, S.[Sebastian] Wrede, S.
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