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Wiliamson, M. Co Author Listing * Self-Taught Visually-Guided Pointing for a Humanoid Robot

Wiliem, A.[Arnold] Co Author Listing * 2nd Workshop on Maritime Computer Vision (MaCVi) 2024: Challenge Results
* Automatic and quantitative evaluation of attribute discovery methods
* Automatic classification of Human Epithelial type 2 cell Indirect Immunofluorescence images using Cell Pyramid Matching
* Automatic Image Attribute Selection for Zero-Shot Learning of Object Categories
* Automatic Image Based Single Dilution Method for End Point Titre Quantitation of Antinuclear Antibodies Tests Using HEp-2 Cells, An
* Benchmarking Platform for Mitotic Cell Classification of ANA IIF HEp-2 Images, A
* Cannygan: Edge-Preserving Image Translation with Disentangled Features
* Classification of Human Epithelial Type 2 Cell Images Using Independent Component Analysis
* Classification of Human Epithelial type 2 cell indirect immunofluoresence images via codebook based descriptors
* Classifying Anti-nuclear Antibodies HEp-2 Images: A Benchmarking Platform
* Computer Aided Diagnosis for Anti-Nuclear Antibodies HEp-2 images: Progress and challenges
* Context-Based Approach for Detecting Suspicious Behaviours, A
* Convex class model on symmetric positive definite manifolds
* Deep Inspection: An Electrical Distribution Pole Parts Study VIA Deep Neural Networks
* Detecting Uncommon Trajectories
* Discovering discriminative cell attributes for HEp-2 specimen image classification
* Diversity is Definitely Needed: Improving Model-Agnostic Zero-shot Classification via Stable Diffusion
* Does Interference Exist When Training a Once-For-All Network?
* Early Experience Toward Developing Computer Aided Diagnosis for Gram-Stained Smears Images, An
* Efficient clustering on Riemannian manifolds: A kernelised random projection approach
* Executable thematic special issue on pattern recognition techniques for indirect immunofluorescence images analysis
* Explicit discriminative representation for improved classification of manifold features
* Fisher tensors for classifying human epithelial cells
* GIST of aligning faces, The
* HEp-2 staining pattern recognition at cell and specimen levels: Datasets, algorithms and results
* How do you develop a face detector for the unconstrained environment?
* International Contest on Pattern Recognition techniques for indirect immunofluorescence images analysis
* Is alice chasing or being chased?: Determining subject and object of activities in videos
* It Takes Two to Tango: Cascading off-the-Shelf Face Detectors
* Kernel analysis over Riemannian manifolds for visual recognition of actions, pedestrians and textures
* Landmark manifold: Revisiting the Riemannian manifold approach for facial emotion recognition
* Manifold convex hull (MACH): Satisfying a need for SPD
* Matching image sets via adaptive multi convex hull
* Multi-Modal Joint Clustering With Application for Unsupervised Attribute Discovery
* Omni-supervised joint detection and pose estimation for wild animals
* Optimization Approach to Scanning Skin Direct Immunofluorescence Specimens, An
* Random projections on manifolds of Symmetric Positive Definite matrices for image classification
* Region-Based Anomaly Localisation in Crowded Scenes via Trajectory Analysis and Path Prediction
* SafeSea: Synthetic Data Generation for Adverse & Low Probability Maritime Conditions
* SlideNet: Fast and Accurate Slide Quality Assessment Based on Deep Neural Networks
* suspicious behaviour detection using a context space model for smart surveillance systems, A
* To face or not to face: Towards reducing false positive of face detection
* Towards Miss Universe automatic prediction: The evening gown competition
* Unsupervised automatic attribute discovery method via multi-graph clustering
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Object Detection Using Forward-backward Cyclic Adaptation
* Update-Describe Approach for Human Action Recognition in Surveillance Video, An
* Using LIP to Gloss Over Faces in Single-Stage Face Detection Networks
* Visual learning and classification of human epithelial type 2 cell images through spontaneous activity patterns
* What is the best way for extracting meaningful attributes from pictures?
Includes: Wiliem, A.[Arnold] Wiliem, A.
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Wilinski, P. Co Author Listing * Dense Structure-from-Motion: An Approach Based on Segment Matching
* Efficient Generation of 3-D Models out of Depth Maps
* Multiresolution Hybrid Neuro-Markovian Image Modeling and Segmentation, A
Includes: Wilinski, P. Wilinski, P.[Piotr]

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