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Widyaningrum, E. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Comparison Of Vhr Systematic-ortho Satellite Imageries Against Vhr Orthorectified Imageries Using Gcp
* Automatic Building Outline Extraction from ALS Point Clouds by Ordered Points Aided Hough Transform
* Building outline extraction from ALS point clouds using medial axis transform descriptors
* Challenges And Opportunities: One Stop Processing of Automatic Large-scale Base Map Production Using Airborne Lidar Data Within GIS Environment. Case Study: Makassar City, Indonesia
* Vertical Accuracy Comparison of Digital Elevation Model From Lidar And Multitemporal Satellite Imagery
Includes: Widyaningrum, E. Widyaningrum, E.[Elyta]

Widyanto, M.R.[M. Rahmat] Co Author Listing * First-order derivative-based super-resolution
* Superresolution for UAV Images via Adaptive Multiple Sparse Representation and Its Application to 3-D Reconstruction
Includes: Widyanto, M.R.[M. Rahmat] Widyanto, M.R.

Widynski, N. Co Author Listing * Effective Component Tree Computation with Application to Pattern Recognition in Astronomical Imaging
* Fuzzy spatial constraints and ranked partitioned sampling approach for multiple object tracking
* Integration of Fuzzy Spatial Information in Tracking Based on Particle Filtering
* Introducing Fuzzy Spatial Constraints in a Ranked Partitioned Sampling for Multi-object Tracking
* Local Symmetry Detection in Natural Images Using a Particle Filtering Approach
* Multi-Scale Particle Filter Framework for Contour Detection, A
* Particle Filter Framework for Contour Detection, A
* Particle filtering with fuzzy spatial relations for object tracking
Includes: Widynski, N. Widynski, N.[Nicolas]
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Widyorini, R. Co Author Listing * Characteristics of Decomposition Powers of L-Band Multi-Polarimetric SAR in Assessing Tree Growth of Industrial Plantation Forests in the Tropics

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