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Wezyk, P. Co Author Listing * Digital Von Fahrenheid Pyramid, The
* Introducing GEOBIA to Landscape Imageability Assessment: A Multi-Temporal Case Study of the Nature Reserve Kózki, Poland
* LIDAR and VHRS Data for Assessing Living Quality in Cities: An Approach Based on 3D Spatial Indices
* Promising Uses of the iPad Pro Point Clouds: The Case of the Trunk Flare Diameter Estimation in the Urban Forest
* Terrestrial Laser Scanning Versus Traditional Forest Inventory First Results from the Polish Forests
* Use of Bi-Temporal ALS Point Clouds for Tree Removal Detection on Private Property in Racibórz, Poland
* Use of Remotely Sensed Data and Polish NFI Plots for Prediction of Growing Stock Volume Using Different Predictive Methods, The
* Using Satellite Imagery and Aerial Orthophotos for the Multi-Decade Monitoring of Subalpine Norway Spruce Stands Changes in Gorce National Park, Poland
Includes: Wezyk, P. Wezyk, P.[Piotr]
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