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Vuraf, E.[Elif] Co Author Listing * Alignment of uncalibrated images for multi-view classification

Vural, C.[Cabir] Co Author Listing * Adaptive reversible video watermarking based on motion-compensated prediction error expansion with pixel selection
* Blind restoration and resolution enhancement of images based on complex filtering
* Deep multi query image retrieval
* Deep multi-query video retrieval
* Identification of Causal Non-minimum Phase Blurs Using Output Cumulants
* Reversible video watermarking using motion-compensated frame interpolation error expansion
Includes: Vural, C.[Cabir] Vural, C.

Vural, E. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Descent-Based Image Registration
* Analysis of Image Registration with Tangent Distance
* Curvature analysis of pattern transformation manifolds
* Discretization of Parametrizable Signal Manifolds
* Discrimination of Moderate and Acute Drowsiness Based on Spontaneous Facial Expressions
* Domain adaptation via transferring spectral properties of label functions on graphs
* Drowsy Driver Detection Through Facial Movement Analysis
* Geometry-Aware Neighborhood Search for Learning Local Models for Image Superresolution
* Learning Multi-Modal Nonlinear Embeddings: Performance Bounds and an Algorithm
* Learning pattern transformation manifolds for classification
* Learning Smooth Pattern Transformation Manifolds
* Multi-Modal Learning With Generalizable Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction
* Nonlinear supervised dimensionality reduction via smooth regular embeddings
* Out-of-Sample Generalizations for Supervised Manifold Learning for Classification
* Outlier Removal for Sparse 3D Reconstruction from Video
Includes: Vural, E. Vural, E.[Elif] Vural, E.[Esra]
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Vural, F.T.Y.[Fatos T. Yarman] Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Annotation by Ensemble of Visual Descriptors
* Conditional Random Fields for Land Use/Land Cover Classification and Complex Region Detection
* Deep learning for brain decoding
* Estimating Static and Dynamic Brain Networks by Kulback-Leibler Divergence from fMRI Data
* Fusion of image segmentation algorithms using consensus clustering
* Fusion of Image Segmentations under Markov, Random Fields
* HANOLISTIC: A Hierarchical Automatic Image Annotation System Using Holistic Approach
* Image segmentation by fusion of low level and domain specific information via Markov Random Fields
* Just Noticeable Difference for Machines to Generate Adversarial Images
* Mesh learning for object classification using fMRI measurements
* Modeling the Brain Connectivity for Pattern Analysis
* MRF Based Image Segmentation Augmented with Domain Specific Information
* new decision fusion technique for image classification, A
* On the Performance of Stacked Generalization Classifiers
* Representation Learning for Contextual Object and Region Detection in Remote Sensing
Includes: Vural, F.T.Y.[Fatos T. Yarman] Vural, F.T.Y.[Fatos Tunay Yarman] Vural, F.T.Y. Vural, F.T.Y.[Fatos T.Yarman]
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Vural, F.Y. Co Author Listing * Learning similarity space

Vural, M.[Metin] Co Author Listing * Illinois-Type Methods for Noisy Euclidean Distance Realization
* L_1-Norm Minimization With Regula Falsi Type Root Finding Methods

Vural, S.[Sadi] Co Author Listing * Face relighting using discriminative 2D spherical spaces for face recognition
* Multi-view fast object detection by using extended haar filters in uncontrolled environments

Vural, U.[Ulas] Co Author Listing * Eye-gaze based real-time surveillance video synopsis
* machine learning system for human-in-the-loop video surveillance, A
* Multiple Graph Cut Based Approach for Stereo Analysis, A
* Operator attention based video surveillance

Vural, V.[Veli] Co Author Listing * Differentiation of tumoral and non-tumoral breast lesions using back reflection diffuse optical tomography: A pilot clinical study

Vuran, M.C.[Mehmet Can] Co Author Listing * Design of a Wireless Vision Sensor for object tracking in Wireless Vision Sensor Networks

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