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Velha, P. Co Author Listing * Monitoring Large Railways Infrastructures Using Hybrid Optical Fibers Sensor Systems

Velho, L. Co Author Listing * 3-D Modeling from Concept Sketches of Human Characters with Minimal User Interaction
* 3D face computational photography using PCA spaces
* 3D facial expression analysis by using 2D AND 3D wavelet transforms
* Affine Skeletons and Monge-Ampere Equations
* Computer-Assisted Colorization Approach Based on Efficient Belief Propagation and Graph Matching, A
* Conic-like subdivision curves on surfaces
* Constructing Implicit Shape Models from Boundary Data
* Hough Transform for real-time plane detection in depth images
* Image Processing for Computer Graphics and Vision
* image-space algorithm for immersive views in 3-manifolds and orbifolds, An
* Motion Estimation from RGB-D Images Using Graph Homomorphism
* Neural Implicit Surface Evolution
* On the empirical rate-distortion performance of Compressive Sensing
* Real-time correction of panoramic images using hyperbolic Möbius transformations
* Reconstruction of 3D Object Meshes from Silhouette Images
* Simplicial Isosurface Compression
* Video Interpolation Through Green's Functions of Matching Equations
Includes: Velho, L. Velho, L.[Luiz]
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Velho, L.C.P.R. Co Author Listing * Adaptive space carving
* Camera-Projector System for Real-Time 3D Video, A
* Subdivision Curves on Surfaces and Applications
Includes: Velho, L.C.P.R. Velho, L.C.P.R.[Luiz C.P.R.]

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