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Uranga, E.[Ekhi] Co Author Listing * SMOS ESA RFI Monitoring and Information Tool: Lessons Learned

Uranishi, Y.[Yuki] Co Author Listing * 3d Image Reconstruction from Multi-focus Microscopic Images
* Light Field Convergency: Implicit Photometric Consistency on Transparent Surface
* Panoptic-aware Image-to-Image Translation
* Subjective Difficulty Estimation of Educational Comics Using Gaze Features
* Three-Dimensional Measurement System Using a Cylindrical Mirror
* Whole Shape Measurement System Using a Single Camera and a Cylindrical Mirror
Includes: Uranishi, Y.[Yuki] Uranishi, Y. Uranishi, Y.[Yuuki]

Urano, M. Co Author Listing * Architecture of 23GOPs Video Signal Processor with Programmable Systolic Array

Urano, T. Co Author Listing * Robust registration of defect set by local consistency of point data

Urano, Y.[Yutaka] Co Author Listing * Estimating rice yield related traits and quantitative trait loci analysis under different nitrogen treatments using a simple tower-based field phenotyping system with modified single-lens reflex cameras

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