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ur Rahman, A.[Altaf] Co Author Listing * Detection and tracking of bubbles in two-phase air water flow for non-convergent sinusoidal channel

Ur Rahman, K.[Khalil] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Merged Satellite Precipitation Datasets in Monitoring Meteorological Drought over Pakistan
* Regional Blended Precipitation Dataset over Pakistan Based on Regional Selection of Blending Satellite Precipitation Datasets and the Dynamic Weighted Average Least Squares Algorithm, A

ur Rahman, M.H.[Muhammad Habib] Co Author Listing * Flood Mitigation in the Transboundary Chenab River Basin: A Basin-Wise Approach from Flood Forecasting to Management

ur Rahman, S.[Sami] Co Author Listing * Towards Patient Specific Catheter Selection: Computation of Aortic Geometry Based on Fused MRI Data

ur Rahman, W.[Waqas] Co Author Listing * QoE optimization for HTTP adaptive streaming: Performance evaluation of MEC-assisted and client-based methods

ur Rehman, A.[Atiq] Co Author Listing * Divide well to merge better: A novel clustering algorithm
* End-to-End Trained CNN Encoder-Decoder Networks for Image Steganography
Includes: ur Rehman, A.[Atiq] ur Rehman, A.[Atique]

ur Rehman, N.[Naveed] Co Author Listing * Data-Driven Multivariate Signal Denoising Using Mahalanobis Distance
* Generic Framework for Assessing the Performance Bounds of Image Feature Detectors, A

ur Rehman, O.[Obaid] Co Author Listing * Optimisation-based training of evolutionary convolution neural network for visual classification applications
* Secure and Robust Two-Phase Image Authentication
Includes: ur Rehman, O.[Obaid] Ur-Rehman, O.

ur Rehman, S.[Sadaqat] Co Author Listing * High-performance Linguistic Steganalysis, Capacity Estimation and Steganographic Positioning
* Lip localization and performance evaluation
* Optimisation-based training of evolutionary convolution neural network for visual classification applications
Includes: ur Rehman, S.[Sadaqat] ur Rehman, S.[Shafiq]

Ur Rehman, Y.A.[Yasar Abbas] Co Author Listing * Face liveness detection using convolutional-features fusion of real and deep network generated face images

ur Rehman, Z.[Zia] Co Author Listing * Color image segmentation using genetic algorithm with aggregation-based clustering validity index (CVI)
* Recognizing apple leaf diseases using a novel parallel real-time processing framework based on MASK RCNN and transfer learning: An application for smart agriculture

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