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Umeda, F.[Fumiko] Co Author Listing * 3-D Model Alignment for Retrieval from Part of Model Considering the Rotation, Scaling and Translation with Projections around an Axis

Umeda, K.[Kazunori] Co Author Listing * Construction of a 3D Model of Real-world Object Using Range Intensity Images
* Correction of Color Information of a 3D Model Using a Range Intensity Image
* Correction of intensity of a color image using a range intensity image
* Detection of Moving Objects with Removal of Cast Shadows and Periodic Changes Using Stereo Vision
* Effective Adaptation to Experience of Different-Sized Hand
* Fast Human Detection Combining Range Image Segmentation and Local Feature Based Detection
* Fast human detection using template matching for gradient images and aSC descriptors based on subtraction stereo
* Generation of Overhead View Images by Estimating Intrinsic and Extrinsic Camera Parameters of Multiple Fish-Eye Cameras
* Measurement of Pedestrian Groups Using Subtraction Stereo
* Multi-object Segmentation in a Projection Plane Using Subtraction Stereo
* Registration of 3D Geometric Model and Color Images Using SIFT and Range Intensity Images
* Registration of range and color images using gradient constraints and range intensity images
* Self-Localization of a Mobile Robot Using Compressed Image Data of Average and Standard Deviation
* Variation of edge detection uncertainty on fish-eye images
Includes: Umeda, K.[Kazunori] Umeda, K.
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Umeda, M. Co Author Listing * On-Line Cursive Script Recognition Using Stroke Linkage Rules

Umeda, T.[Takayuki] Co Author Listing * Attribute Discovery for Person Re-Identification
* Automatic Attribute Discovery with Neural Activations
* Bayesian Approach for Morphology-Based 2-D Human Motion Capture
* Silhouette-Based Probabilistic 2D Human Motion Estimation for Real-Time Applications
Includes: Umeda, T.[Takayuki] Umeda, T.

Umeda, Y.[Yuhei] Co Author Listing * Improving Predicate Representation in Scene Graph Generation by Self-Supervised Learning

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