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Tucek, J. Co Author Listing * Handheld Mobile Laser Scanners As A Tool for Accurate Positioning Under Forest Canopy, The
* LOST: Longterm Observation of Scenes (with Tracks)
* Processing Chain for Estimation of Tree Diameter from GNSS-IMU-Based Mobile Laser Scanning Data
Includes: Tucek, J. Tucek, J.[Jim] Tucek, J.[Ján]

Tucek, P.[Pavel] Co Author Listing * Subjective or Objective? How Objective Measures Relate to Subjective Life Satisfaction in Europe

Tuceryan, M.[Mihran] Co Author Listing * Automated camera calibration and 3D egomotion estimation for augmented reality applications
* Confluence of Computer Vision and Interactive Graphics for Augmented Reality
* Construction of Labeled Line-Drawings from Intensity Images, The
* Detecting shopper groups in video sequences
* Extraction of Early Perceptual Structure in Dot Patterns: Integrating Region, Boundary, and Component Gestalt
* high resolution 3D tire and footprint impression acquisition for forensics applications, A
* Image retrieval and classification using associative reciprocal-image attractors
* Model based faced coding and decoding using feature detection and eigenface coding
* Moment-Based Texture Segmentation
* On Integration of Vision Modules
* Perceptual Segmentation of Nonhomogeneous Dot Patterns
* Real-Time Illumination and Visual Coherence for Photorealistic Augmented/Mixed Reality
* Relative sensitivity of a family of closest-point graphs in computer vision applications
* Segmentation and Grouping of Object Boundaries Using Energy Minimization
* Supervised classification of early perceptual structure in dot patterns
* Texture Analysis
* Texture segmentation on two high-performance computers
* Texture Segmentation Using Voronoi Polygons
* Using Multiple Views To Resolve Human Body Tracking Ambiguities
* Vehicle Detection and Tracking in Car Video Based on Motion Model
Includes: Tuceryan, M.[Mihran] Tuceryan, M. Tüceryan, M.[Mihran] (Maybe also Tueceryan, M.)
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