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Tsumugiwa, T. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Upper-Extremity Motion and Muscle and Brain Activation During Machine Operation in Consideration of Mass and Friction

Tsumura, N. Co Author Listing * Advertisement Effectiveness Estimation Based on Crowdsourced Multimodal Affective Responses
* Continuous estimation of emotional change using multimodal affective responses
* Evaluating Visibility of Age Spot and Freckle Based on Simulated Spectral Reflectance of Skin
* Fast Block Matching Algorithm Based on Motion Vector Correlation and Integral Projections, A
* Improvement and Evaluation of Real-Time Tone Mapping for High Dynamic Range Images Using Gaze Information
* Independent-component analysis of skin color image
* Long-Term Face Image Analysis Based on Canonical Correlation Analysis on Physical and Psychological Evaluation of Face
* Method to Analyze Preferred MTF for Printing Medium Including Paper, A
* Model Optimization Approach to the Automatic Segmentation of Medical Images, A
* Nonlinear Estimation of Chromophore Concentrations and Shading from Hyperspectral Images
* Oxygen Saturation Estimation Based on Optimal Band Selection from Multi-band Video
* Reliable classification by double hyperspheres in pattern vector space
* Remote Estimation of Continuous Blood Pressure by a Convolutional Neural Network Trained on Spatial Patterns of Facial Pulse Waves
* Segmentation of Microscopic Image of Colorants Using U-net Based Deep Convolutional Networks for Material Appearance Design
* Stress Estimation Using Multimodal Biosignal Information from RGB Facial Video
* Subjective Evaluation of Specular Appearance for Multiple Observations Using Projector-Based Appearance Reproduction
* Tokenless Cancelable Biometrics Scheme for Protecting Iris Codes
* Using the Monge-Kantorovitch Transform in Chromagenic Color Constancy for Pathophysiology
* Video Based Measurement of Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability Spectrogram from Estimated Hemoglobin Information
* Video Quality Assessment Using Spatio-Velocity Contrast Sensitivity Function
* Visualizing Blood Flow of Palm in Different Muscle Tense State Using High-speed Video Camera
Includes: Tsumura, N. Tsumura, N.[Norimichi]
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Tsumuta, M. Co Author Listing * Computer simulation of reconstructed image for computer-generated holograms

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