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Tsuda, H.[Hiroshi] Co Author Listing * Efficient In-Situ Debris Flow Monitoring System over a Wireless Accelerometer Network, An

Tsuda, K.[Koji] Co Author Listing * Discriminative Subsequence Mining for Action Classification
* Extracting Straight-Lines by Sequential Fuzzy Clustering
* Gender Effects on Physical Contact in Social VR
* Image Reconstruction by Linear Programming
* Learning to Find Graph Pre-images
* Nonparametric Density Model for Classification in a High Dimensional Space, A
* On a linear fused Gromov-Wasserstein distance for graph structured data
* Pairwise Coupling for Machine Recognition of Hand-Printed Japanese Characters
* Picture coding apparatus and decoding apparatus
* Weighted Substructure Mining for Image Analysis
Includes: Tsuda, K.[Koji] Tsuda, K. Tsuda, K.[Kanami] Tsuda, K.[Kenjiro]
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Tsuda, M.E.[Masaki E.] Co Author Listing * Automated VIIRS Boat Detection Based on Machine Learning and Its Application to Monitoring Fisheries in the East China Sea

Tsuda, S.[Seiya] Co Author Listing * Recovering size and shape of polyp from endoscope image by RBF-NN modification

Tsuda, T. Co Author Listing * Automatic tracking camera system utilizing the position of faces in the shot image
* Consideration of a person/photograph distinction using the surface direction image
* Denoising Atmospheric Radar Signals Using Spectral-Based Subspace Method Applicable for PBS Wind Estimation
* Efficient Two-Step Middle-Level Part Feature Extraction for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
* Modeling and Recognition of Driving Behavior Based on Stochastic Switched ARX Model
* On the Performance of the Range Imaging Technique Estimated Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles During the ShUREX 2015 Campaign
* Performance Analysis of Optimum Tilt Angle and Beam Configuration to Derive Horizontal Wind Velocities by Postset Beam Steering Technique
* proposal for a person/photograph distinction method with applications to security systems, A
* Smooth video hopping for surveillance cameras
* Visualization Methods for Outdoor See-Through Vision
Includes: Tsuda, T. Tsuda, T.[Tomoya] Tsuda, T.[Takahiro]
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Tsuda, Y.[Yoshiyuki] Co Author Listing * Continuous Finger Gesture Spotting and Recognition Based on Similarities Between Start and End Frames
* High speed and continuous 3-D measurement system
* High-Speed and Continuous 3D Measurement System, A
* Similar Finger Gesture Recognition using Triplet-loss Networks
Includes: Tsuda, Y.[Yoshiyuki] Tsuda, Y.

Tsuduki, Y.J.[Yu Ji] Co Author Listing * Method for Visualizing Pedestrian Traffic Flow Using SIFT Feature Point Tracking, A
Includes: Tsuduki, Y.J.[Yu Ji] Tsuduki, Y.J.[Yu-Ji]

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