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Traonmilin, M. Co Author Listing * simultaneous localization and mapping algorithm based on Kalman filtering, A

Traonmilin, Y.[Yann] Co Author Listing * Outlier Removal Power of the L1-Norm Super-Resolution
* Robust Multi-Image Processing with Optimal Sparse Regularization
* Simultaneous High Dynamic Range and Superresolution Imaging without Regularization
Includes: Traonmilin, Y.[Yann] Traonmilin, Y.

Traore, A.[Albekaye] Co Author Listing * Quaternionic wavelet coefficients modeling for a Reduced-Reference metric
* Reduced-reference metric based on the quaternionic wavelet coefficients modeling by information criteria
Includes: Traore, A.[Albekaye] Traoré, A.[Albekaye]

Traore, A.K.[Abdoul Khadre] Co Author Listing * 1982-2010 Trends of Light Use Efficiency and Inherent Water Use Efficiency in African vegetation: Sensitivity to Climate and Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations

Traore, A.S. Co Author Listing * Analytic Method to Predict the Thermal Map of Cryosurgery Iceballs in MR Images, An

Traore, F.[Farid] Co Author Listing * Using Multi-Temporal Landsat Images and Support Vector Machine to Assess the Changes in Agricultural Irrigated Areas in the Mogtedo Region, Burkina Faso
Includes: Traore, F.[Farid] Traoré, F.[Farid]

Traore, I. Co Author Listing * Biometric Recognition Based on Free-Text Keystroke Dynamics

Traore, P.S. Co Author Listing * Estimate yield at parcel level from S2 time serie in sub-Saharan smallholder farming systems
* Quantifying Fertilizer Application Response Variability with VHR Satellite NDVI Time Series in a Rainfed Smallholder Cropping System of Mali
Includes: Traore, P.S. Traoré, P.S. Traoré, P.S.[Pierre Sibiry]

Traore, S.B.[Seydou B.] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study on Satellite- and Model-Based Crop Phenology in West Africa, A
Includes: Traore, S.B.[Seydou B.] Traoré, S.B.[Seydou B.]

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