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Tossavainen, T.[Timo] Co Author Listing * Approximate and SQP Two View Triangulation
* Design of a Compact Sound Localization Device on a Stand-Alone FPGA-Based Platform
Includes: Tossavainen, T.[Timo] Tossavainen, T.[Teemu]

Tossebro, E. Co Author Listing * Detecting Flu Outbreaks Based On Spatiotemporal Information From Urban Systems: Designing A Novel Study
* Representing topological relationships for spatiotemporal objects
Includes: Tossebro, E. TÝssebro, E. TÝssebro, E.[Erlend]

Tossell, C.C.[Chad C.] Co Author Listing * Robot Authority in Human-Machine Teams: Effects of Human-Like Appearance on Compliance

Tosser Roussey, A. Co Author Listing * improved fast adaptive search algorithm for vector quantization by progressive codebook arrangement, An
Includes: Tosser Roussey, A. Tosser-Roussey, A.

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