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Tolpekin, V.[Valentyn] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Forest Above-Ground Biomass Estimation from PolInSAR in the Presence of Temporal Decorrelation
* comparison of two downscaling procedures to increase the spatial resolution of mapping actual evapotranspiration, A
* Investigating the Retention of Solar Wind Implanted Helium-3 on the Moon from the Analysis of Multi-Wavelength Remote Sensing Data
* Workflow for Automated Satellite Image Processing: from Raw VHSR Data to Object-Based Spectral Information for Smallholder Agriculture, A

Tolpekin, V.A.[Valentyn A.] Co Author Listing * Change Detection and Uncertainty in Fuzzy Tree Crown Objects in an Urban Environment
* Context-Sensitive Extraction of Tree Crown Objects in Urban Areas Using VHR Satellite Images
* Delineation of Agricultural Field Boundaries from Sentinel-2 Images Using a Novel Super-Resolution Contour Detector Based on Fully Convolutional Networks
* Estimation of AOD Under Uncertainty: An Approach for Hyperspectral Airborne Data
* Improvement of Spatio-temporal Growth Estimates in Heterogeneous Forests Using Gaussian Bayesian Networks
* Improving Markov Random Field Based Super Resolution Mapping Through Fuzzy Parameter Integration
* Markov-random-field-based super-resolution mapping for identification of urban trees in VHR images
* Polarimetry-Based Distributed Scatterer Processing Method for PSI Applications
* Polinsar Based Scattering Information Retrieval for Forest Aboveground Biomass Estimation
* Quantification of crown changes and change uncertainty of trees in an urban environment
* Quantification of the Effects of Land-Cover-Class Spectral Separability on the Accuracy of Markov-Random-Field-Based Superresolution Mapping
* Segmentation of Rumex obtusifolius using Gaussian Markov random fields
* Super-Resolution Mapping for Extraction of Urban Tree Crown Objects from VHR Satellite Images
Includes: Tolpekin, V.A.[Valentyn A.] Tolpekin, V.A.
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Tolpin, V.[Vladimir] Co Author Listing * Usage Experience and Capabilities of the VEGA-Science System
* Vega-constellation Tools To Analize Hyperspectral Images
Includes: Tolpin, V.[Vladimir] Tolpin, V.

Tolpin, V.A. Co Author Listing * Distributed Infrastructure Enabling Effective Integration of Earth Observation Information Resources for Collective Solution of Archiving, Searching, Processing and Eo Data Analyzing Tasks

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