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Tirelli, C.[Cecilia] Co Author Listing * Distributed Modular Data Processing Chain Applied to Simulated Satellite Ozone Observations, A
* Effect of the Aerosol Model Assumption on the Atmospheric Correction over Land: Case Studies with CHRIS/PROBA Hyperspectral Images over Benelux

Tirer, T.[Tom] Co Author Listing * Back-Projection Based Fidelity Term for Ill-Posed Linear Inverse Problems
* Correction Filter for Single Image Super-Resolution: Robustifying Off-the-Shelf Deep Super-Resolvers
* High Resolution Direct Position Determination of Radio Frequency Sources
* Image Restoration by Deep Projected GSURE
* Image Restoration by Iterative Denoising and Backward Projections
* Interpretation of Regularization by Denoising and Its Application with the Back-Projected Fidelity Term, An
* Iterative Denoising and Backwards Projections Method and its Advantages for Blind Deblurring, An
* On the Convergence Rate of Projected Gradient Descent for a Back-Projection Based Objective
* Super-Resolution via Image-Adapted Denoising CNNs: Incorporating External and Internal Learning
Includes: Tirer, T.[Tom] Tirer, T.
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