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Taur, J. Co Author Listing * Iris Recognition Using Possibilistic Fuzzy Matching on Local Features

Taur, J.S. Co Author Listing * Decision-based neural network for face recognition system
* Index compression for vector quantisation using modified coding tree assignment scheme
* Medical image compression using principal component analysis
* Segmentation of Psoriasis Vulgaris Images Using Multiresolution-Based Orthogonal Subspace Techniques
* SVD approach to multi-camera-multi-target 3-D motion-shape analysis, An
* Texture Classification Using a Fuzzy Texture Spectrum and Neural Networks
* Vector quantisation index compression based on a coding tree assignment scheme with improved search-order coding algorithms
Includes: Taur, J.S. Taur, J.S.[Jin-Shiuh] Taur, J.S.[Jin-Shinh] Taur, J.S.[Jinshiuh S.]
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Taureau, F.[Florent] Co Author Listing * Mapping the Mangrove Forest Canopy Using Spectral Unmixing of Very High Spatial Resolution Satellite Images

Taurino, V.[Veronica] Co Author Listing * Integration of Satellite InSAR with a Wireless Network of Geotechnical Sensors for Slope Monitoring in Urban Areas: The Pariana Landslide Case (Massa, Italy)

Taurisano, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Data driven analysis of functional brain networks in fMRI for schizophrenia investigation

Tauro, F.[Flavia] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Optimal Stage-Cam Target for Continuous Water Level Monitoring in Ephemeral Streams: Experimental Evidence
* Enabling Image-Based Streamflow Monitoring at the Edge
* Evaluation of Image Velocimetry Techniques under Low Flow Conditions and High Seeding Densities Using Unmanned Aerial Systems, An
* On the Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems for Environmental Monitoring
* Optical Tracking Velocimetry (OTV): Leveraging Optical Flow and Trajectory-Based Filtering for Surface Streamflow Observations
* UAV-Based LiDAR for High-Throughput Determination of Plant Height and Above-Ground Biomass of the Bioenergy Grass Arundo donax

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