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Tafakori, L.[Laleh] Co Author Listing * Image denoising using generalised Cauchy filter

Tafasca, S.[Samy] Co Author Listing * Modular Multimodal Architecture for Gaze Target Prediction: Application to Privacy-Sensitive Settings, A

Tafazoli, S. Co Author Listing * Audio Surveillance Eye, The

Tafazolli, R. Co Author Listing * Analytical Study of the IEEE 802.11p MAC Sublayer in Vehicular Networks
* HDMA: Hybrid D2D Message Authentication Scheme for 5G-Enabled VANETs
* Information Theoretic Analysis of OFDM/OQAM with Utilized Intrinsic Interference
* PPVF: Privacy-Preserving Protocol for Vehicle Feedback in Cloud-Assisted VANET
Includes: Tafazolli, R. Tafazolli, R.[Rahim]

Tafazzoli, F.[Faezeh] Co Author Listing * Holistic Grid Fusion Based Stop Line Estimation
* Improving Human Gait Recognition Using Feature Selection
* Large and Diverse Dataset for Improved Vehicle Make and Model Recognition, A
* Vehicle make and model recognition using local features and logo detection
Includes: Tafazzoli, F.[Faezeh] Tafazzoli, F.

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