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Szlam, A.[Arthur] Co Author Listing * Better Feature Tracking through Subspace Constraints
* Fast Approximations to Structured Sparse Coding and Applications to Object Classification
* Hard Mixtures of Experts for Large Scale Weakly Supervised Vision
* Hybrid Linear Modeling via Local Best-Fit Flats
* Incremental gradient on the Grassmannian for online foreground and background separation in subsampled video
* Low-Shot Learning with Large-Scale Diffusion
* Median K-Flats for hybrid linear modeling with many outliers
* Multi-class Transductive Learning Based on L_1 Relaxations of Cheeger Cut and Mumford-Shah-Potts Model
* Order-Aware Generative Modeling Using the 3D-Craft Dataset
* Randomized hybrid linear modeling by local best-fit flats
* Robust Locally Linear Analysis with Applications to Image Denoising and Blind Inpainting
* Semi-supervised Segmentation Based on Non-local Continuous Min-Cut
* split Bregman method for non-negative sparsity penalized least squares with applications to hyperspectral demixing, A
Includes: Szlam, A.[Arthur] Szlam, A.
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Szlavik, Z. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Estimation of Common Areas in Multi-Camera Systems
* Detection of Gait Characteristics for Scene Registration in Video Surveillance System
* Digital Video Event Detector Framework for Surveillance Applications
* Eigenwalks: Walk Detection and Biometrics from Symmetry Patterns
* Estimation of Common Groundplane Based on Co-motion Statistics
* Flexible test-bed for unusual behavior detection
* Geometrical Scene Analysis Using Co-motion Statistics
* Higher order symmetry for non-linear classification of human walk detection
* Image matching based on co-motion statistics
* method for object localization in a multiview multimodal camera system, A
* Motion-based flexible camera registration
* Optimizing of Searching Co-Motion Point-Pairs for Statistical Camera Calibration
* statistical method for object localization in multi-camera tracking, A
* Stochastic View Registration of Overlapping Cameras Based on Arbitrary Motion
* Use of Vanishing Point for the Classification of Reflections From Foreground Mask in Videos, The
* Using location and motion statistics for the localization of moving objects in multiple camera surveillance videos
* Video camera registration using accumulated co-motion maps
Includes: Szlavik, Z. Szlávik, Z.[Zoltán] Szlavik, Z.[Zoltán] Szlavik, Z.[Zoltan]
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