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Sylvain, F.[Faisan] Co Author Listing * Binary Image Registration Based on Geometric Moments: Application to the Registraion of 3D Segmented CT Head Images

Sylvain, M.[Meignier] Co Author Listing * conditional random field approach for face identification in broadcast news using overlaid text, A

Sylvain, T.[Takerkart] Co Author Listing * Influence of image compression on the in situ stereoscopic reconstruction of a cometary surface for the ROSETTA mission

Sylvander, S.[Sylvia] Co Author Listing * SPOT-4 (Take 5): Simulation of Sentinel-2 Time Series on 45 Large Sites

Sylvester, C.A. Co Author Listing * Redundant manipulator techniques for partially decentralized path planning and control of a platoon of autonomous vehicles

Sylvestre, J.P.[Jean Philippe] Co Author Listing * Retinal Vessel Segmentation from a Hyperspectral Camera Images
Includes: Sylvestre, J.P.[Jean Philippe] Sylvestre, J.P.[Jean-Philippe]

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