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Sukan, M. Co Author Listing * 3D referencing for remote task assistance in augmented reality
* Manipulating virtual objects in hand-held augmented reality using stored snapshots
Includes: Sukan, M. Sukan, M.[Mengu]

Sukanesh, R. Co Author Listing * Detection of quadratic phase coupling from human EEG signals using higher order statistics and spectra
* Wavelet statistical texture features-based segmentation and classification of brain computed tomography images

Sukanya, A.[Arumugham] Co Author Listing * Region based coronary artery segmentation using modified Frangi's vesselness measure

Sukanya, P. Co Author Listing * Extracting a Traffic Sign From the Video Stream Using Color Filtering, Histogram Analysis, and Texture Analysis
* Image Classification Using the Surface-shape Operator and Multiscale Features
* New Operator for Describing Topographical Image Structure, A
* new operator for image structure analysis, A
* Surface Shape Operator and Multiscale Approach for Image Classification, The
* surface-shape operator based shading-tolerant method for multiscale image analysis, The
Includes: Sukanya, P. Sukanya, P.[Phongsuphap]

Sukavanam, N.[Nagarajan] Co Author Listing * Depth Recovery of Complex Surfaces from Texture-less Pair of Stereo Images
* Disparity estimation using fractional dual tree complex wavelet transform
* weakly supervised CNN model for spatial localization of human activities in unconstraint environment, A
* Weakly supervised deep network for spatiotemporal localization and detection of human actions in wild conditions
Includes: Sukavanam, N.[Nagarajan] Sukavanam, N.

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