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Stadelmann, T. Co Author Listing * DeepScores-A Dataset for Segmentation, Detection and Classification of Tiny Objects
* DeepScoresV2 Dataset and Benchmark for Music Object Detection, The
* Dimension-Decoupled Gaussian Mixture Model for Short Utterance Speaker Recognition
* Rethinking Algorithm Design and Development in Speech Processing
* Semantic video analysis for psychological research on violence in computer games
* Speaker Clustering Using Dominant Sets
* WebVoice: A Toolkit for Perceptual Insights into Speech Processing
Includes: Stadelmann, T. Stadelmann, T.[Thilo]
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Stadelmayer, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Radar Image Reconstruction from Raw ADC Data using Parametric Variational Autoencoder with Domain Adaptation

Stadler, A.[Anja] Co Author Listing * Diurnal Dynamics of Wheat Evapotranspiration Derived from Ground-Based Thermal Imagery
* Estimation and Validation of RapidEye-Based Time-Series of Leaf Area Index for Winter Wheat in the Rur Catchment (Germany)

Stadler, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Improving Multiple Pedestrian Tracking by Track Management and Occlusion Handling
* Modelling Ambiguous Assignments for Multi-Person Tracking in Crowds
* Occlusion-aware Multi-target Multi-camera Tracking System, An

Stadler, G. Co Author Listing * Variational Image Segmentation for Endoscopic Human Colonic Aberrant Crypt Foci

Stadler, P.[Philipp] Co Author Listing * High-Quality Geo-Referencing of GPS/IMU-Supported Multi-Spectral Airborne Scanner Data: Experiences and Results

Stadler, P.F.[Peter F.] Co Author Listing * Process flow for classification and clustering of fruit fly gene expression patterns
* Visual Cross-database Comparison of Metabolic Networks, A
* Visual Network Analysis of Dynamic Metabolic Pathways

Stadlthanner, K.[Kurt] Co Author Listing * AutoAssign: An Automatic Assignment Tool for Independent Components

Stadnicka, M. Co Author Listing * Mitigating discontinuities in segmented Karhunen-Loeve Transforms

Stadtschnitzer, M. Co Author Listing * Motion Analysis on Depth Camera Data to Quantify Parkinson's Disease Patients' Motor Status Within the Framework of I-Prognosis Personalized Game Suite

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