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Spitadakis, V. Co Author Listing * Design and Assessment of an Online Passenger Information System for Integrated Multimodal Trip Planning

Spiteri, T. Co Author Listing * Scalable video coding with multi-layer motion vector palettes

Spitschan, B. Co Author Listing * Estimation of radial distortion using local spectra of planar textures

Spitters, M.[Martijn] Co Author Listing * Fast Re-ranking of Visual Search Results by Example Selection

Spitz, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * DeepNC: Deep Generative Network Completion

Spitz, A.L.[A. Lawrence] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Spitz, A.L.[A. Lawrence]: spitz AT docrec com
* Analysis of Compressed Document Images for Dominant Skew, Multiple Skew, and Logotype Detection
* Correcting for Variable Skew
* Correcting for variable skew in document images
* Determination of image skew angle from data including data in compressed form
* Determination of the Script and Language Content of Document Images
* Document Analysis Systems
* European Language Determination from Image
* Logotype Detection in Compressed Images Using Alignment Signatures
* Method and apparatus for automatic language determination of Asian language documents
* Method and apparatus for classifying documents
* Moby Dick Meets GEOCR: Lexical Considerations in Word Recognition
* Progress in document reconstruction
* Script and Language Determination from Document Images
* Script Determination in Document Images
* Shape-based word recognition
* Skew Angle Determination in Group 4 Compressed Document Images
* Text Line Characterization by Connected Component Transformations
* Tilting at Windmills: Adventures in Attempting to Reconstruct Don Quixote
* Using character shape coding for information retrieval
Includes: Spitz, A.L.[A. Lawrence] Spitz, A.L.
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Spitz, L.[Larry] Co Author Listing * Selected papers from the ICDAR'01 conference

Spitz, S.[Steven] Co Author Listing * Two-Dimensional Selections for Feature-Based Data Exchange

Spitzer, H.[Hedva] Co Author Listing * Cluster with GANs
* Color constancy: a biological model and its application for still and video images
* Is the Kanizsa illusion triggered by the simultaneous contrast mechanism?
* Model for local image velocity detection of early visual processing
* Person Attribute Recognition with a Jointly-Trained Holistic CNN Model
Includes: Spitzer, H.[Hedva] Spitzer, H.

Spitzer, K. Co Author Listing * Addendum: B-spline interpolation in medical image processing
* General Discrete Contour Model in Two, Three, and Four Dimensions for Topology-Adaptive Multichannel Segmentation, A
* Survey: interpolation methods in medical image processing
Includes: Spitzer, K. Spitzer, K.[Klaus]

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