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Smigaj, M.[Magdalena] Co Author Listing * Mean Shift Segmentation Assessment for Individual Forest Tree Delineation from Airborne Lidar Data
* River Morphology Monitoring of A Small-scale Alpine Riverbed Using Drone Photogrammetry and Lidar
* UAV-Borne Thermal Imaging for Forest Health Monitoring: Detection of Disease-Induced Canopy Temperature Increase
* Use of Miniature Thermal Cameras for Detection of Physiological Stress in Conifers
Includes: Smigaj, M.[Magdalena] Smigaj, M.

Smigiel, E. Co Author Listing * Neural based binarization techniques
* New Approach for Automatic Detection of Buildings in Airborne Laser Scanner Data Using first Echo only
* Recording Approach Of Heritage Sites Based On Merging Point Clouds From High Resolution Photogrammetry And Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Self-organizing Maps and Ancient Documents
* Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data Denoising by Dictionary Learning of Sparse Coding
* Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data Denoising by Range Image Processing for Small-Sized Objects
* Terrestrial Laser Scanner Point Cloud Denoising for Small Size Objects
Includes: Smigiel, E. Smigiel, E.[Eddie]
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Smigielski, P.[Piotr] Co Author Listing * Syntactic Algorithm of Two-Dimensional Scene Analysis for Unmanned Flying Vehicles

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