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Skog, I. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Estimation With Distance Bounds
* Detection of Dangerous Cornering in GNSS-Data-Driven Insurance Telematics
* In-Car Positioning and Navigation Technologies: A Survey
* Novel and Fast Approach for Reconstructing CASSI-Raman Spectra using Generative Adversarial Networks, A
* Smartphone Placement Within Vehicles
* Smartphone-Based Vehicle Telematics: A Ten-Year Anniversary
* Time Synchronization Errors in Loosely Coupled GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation Systems
Includes: Skog, I. Skog, I.[Isaac]
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Skoglar, P. Co Author Listing * Road Target Search and Tracking with Gimballed Vision Sensor on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Skoglund, J.[Johan] Co Author Listing * Covariance Estimation for SAD Block Matching
* Evaluation of Subpixel Tracking Algorithms
* Phase-Sensitive Joint Learning Algorithms for Deep Learning-Based Speech Enhancement
Includes: Skoglund, J.[Johan] Skoglund, J.

Skoglund, K.[Karl] Co Author Listing * Some Issues of Biological Shape Modelling with Applications

Skoglund, M. Co Author Listing * Outage Region Characterization for Beamforming in MISO Interference Networks with Imperfect CSI

Skoglund, T. Co Author Listing * Patterns of use, perceived benefits and reported effects of access to navigation support systems: an inter-European field operational test

Skoglund, U. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Graph-Based Total Variation for Tomographic Reconstructions
* Image 3-D Reconstruction from Electron Micrographs
* Using a fuzzy framework for delineation and decomposition of Immunoglobulin G in cryo electron tomographic images
Includes: Skoglund, U. Skoglund, U.[Ulf]

Skogseth, R.[Ragnheid] Co Author Listing * Interannual and Decadal Variability of Sea Surface Temperature and Sea Ice Concentration in the Barents Sea

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