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Sirca, C.[Costantino] Co Author Listing * Predicting and Mapping Potential Fire Severity for Risk Analysis at Regional Level Using Google Earth Engine

Sirca, S.[Sasa] Co Author Listing * Detection of Root-Knot Nematode Meloidogyne luci Infestation of Potato Tubers Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Real-Time PCR Molecular Methods
Includes: Sirca, S.[Sasa] Širca, S.[Saša]

Sircar, P.[Pradip] Co Author Listing * Bispectrum-based technique to remove cross-terms in quadratic systems and Wigner-Ville distribution
* Time delays and angles of arrival estimation using known signals

Sircelj, J.[Jaka] Co Author Listing * Accuracy-Perturbation Curves for Evaluation of Adversarial Attack and Defence Methods
Includes: Sircelj, J.[Jaka] Šircelj, J.[Jaka]

Sirch, M. Co Author Listing * Mono camera multi-view diminished reality
* Wavelet contrast-based image inpainting with sparsity-driven initialization

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