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Sipila, O.[Outi] Co Author Listing * Experiences on data quality in automatic tissue classification
* Image segmentation combining region growing and edge detection
* review of cardiac image registration methods, A
Includes: Sipila, O.[Outi] Sipilš, O.[Outi] (Maybe also Sipilae, O.)Sipila, O.

Sipilae, O. Co Author Listing * Stability Study of Some Neural Networks Applied to Tissue Characterization of Brian Magnetic Resonance Images

Sipiran, I. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Partial Axial Symmetry on 3D Surfaces and Its Application in the Restoration of Cultural Heritage Objects
* benchmark of simulated range images for partial shape retrieval, A
* comparison of methods for non-rigid 3D shape retrieval, A
* Data-Driven Restoration of Digital Archaeological Pottery with Point Cloud Analysis
* Fully Hierarchical Approach for Finding Correspondences in Non-rigid Shapes, A
* Harris 3D: a robust extension of the Harris operator for interest point detection on 3D meshes
* Key-Component Detection On 3d Meshes Using Local Features
* Key-components: detection of salient regions on 3D meshes
* Robust 3d Interest Points Detector Based On Harris Operator, A
* Scalable 3D shape retrieval using local features and the signature quadratic form distance
* SHREC'10 Track: Feature Detection And Description
* SHREC'11 Track: Shape Retrieval On Non-Rigid 3d Watertight Meshes
* SHREC'11: Robust Feature Detection And Description Benchmark
* SHREC'12 Track: Stability on Abstract Shapes
Includes: Sipiran, I. Sipiran, I.[Ivan]
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Sipitca, M. Co Author Listing * Conditional DCT Event Coding Without Side Information in Video Compression
* Implications of a Segmentation-Based Motion Compensation Scheme for the Case of a Block Transform Encoder

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