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Siekanski, P.[Piotr] Co Author Listing * CATCHA: Real-Time Camera Tracking Method for Augmented Reality Applications in Cultural Heritage Interiors

Siekawa, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Foveated Ray Tracing for VR Headsets

Siekmann, M.[Mischa] Co Author Listing * Adaptive cross-component prediction for 4:4:4 high efficiency video coding
* perceptually relevant shearlet-based adaptation of the PSNR, A
* Probability interval partitioning entropy coding using systematic variable-to-variable length codes
* Shearlet-based reduced reference image quality assessment
* unified and complexity scalable entropy coding scheme for video compression, A
* Video Compression Using Nested Quadtree Structures, Leaf Merging, and Improved Techniques for Motion Representation and Entropy Coding
Includes: Siekmann, M.[Mischa] Siekmann, M.

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