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Sidobre, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Textured Object Recognition: Balancing Model Robustness and Complexity

Sidorenko, P.[Pavel] Co Author Listing * On the Uniqueness of FROG Methods
* Sparse Phase Retrieval from Short-Time Fourier Measurements
Includes: Sidorenko, P.[Pavel] Sidorenko, P.

Sidoroff, I.[Ilja] Co Author Listing * Comparison of clustering methods: A case study of text-independent speaker modeling

Sidorov, G.[Grigori] Co Author Listing * Alignment of Paragraphs in Bilingual Texts Using Bilingual Dictionaries and Dynamic Programming
* Incorporating Linguistic Information to Statistical Word-Level Alignment

Sidorov, K. Co Author Listing * Explaining Failure: Investigation of Surprise and Expectation in CNNs
* Learning Multi-instance Sub-pixel Point Localization
* open-data, agent-based model of alcohol related crime, An
* SWAG-V: Explanations for Video using Superpixels Weighted by Average Gradients
* SWAG: Superpixels Weighted by Average Gradients for Explanations of CNNs
Includes: Sidorov, K. Sidorov, K.[Kirill]

Sidorov, K.A.[Kirill A.] Co Author Listing * Efficient groupwise non-rigid registration of textured surfaces
* efficient stochastic approach to groupwise non-rigid image registration, An

Sidorov, O. Co Author Listing * Craquelure as a Graph: Application of Image Processing and Graph Neural Networks to the Description of Fracture Patterns
* Deep Hyperspectral Prior: Single-Image Denoising, Inpainting, Super-Resolution
* Textcaps: A Dataset for Image Captioning with Reading Comprehension
Includes: Sidorov, O. Sidorov, O.[Oleksii]

Sidorova, J. Co Author Listing * Bridging from syntactic to statistical methods: Classification with automatically segmented features from sequences
* NLP-inspired structural pattern recognition in chemical application
* Towards Disorder-Independent Automatic Assessment of Emotional Competence in Neurological Patients with a Classical Emotion Recognition System: Application in Foreign Accent Syndrome
Includes: Sidorova, J. Sidorova, J.[Julia]

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